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HR13 4WD Robot Car Kits

HR13 4WD Robot Car Kits

Product Code:HR13
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Packing list

  • 4pcs Gear Motor
  • 2pcs High Quality Type
  • 4pcs Motor Fixed Pieces
  • 1pcs Universal Wheel
  • 2pcs Robot Chassis
  • 1pcs L298N Motor Driver Board
  • 1pcs UNO r3
  • 1pcs Sensor Extension Plate V4
  • 1pcs 170 Point Breadboard
  • 1pcs Holder
  • 1pcs SG90 Servo
  • 1pcs Ultrasonic Sensor Module
  • 3pcs TCRT5000 Tracing Module
  • 1pcs Infrared Receiving Sensor Module
  • 1pcs Remote
  • 1pcs Six 5th Battery Box
  • 1pcs Two 5th Battery Box
  • 1pcs 40pin Dupont Line
  • 1pcs Screw Set   

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