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HR14 Multifunction Bluetooth Controlled Robot Smart Car Kits

HR14 Multifunction Bluetooth Controlled Robot Smart Car Kits

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The multifunction bluetooth controlled robot car is an upgraded version of auto-walk car, which added the part of bluetooth control.

The bluetooth controlled robot car is a microcontroller leaning application development system, based on Arduino AtMega-328p. It has the function of hunt, obstacle avoidance and remote control. And also can expand external modules to increasing the car's function.




Working voltage: 7V - 12V

Decelerate motors ratio 1:48, drive voltage 6V

Uses L298N driver module, real isolation to MCU

Three groups of hunt module(detects black and white lines), higher accuracy

Infrared remote communication module, composed of smart car to be remote control system

Bluetooth wireless communication module (short-range wireless remote control)

With economic and environmentally friendly rechargeable battery and charger

Can be equipped with a variety of sensor modules, depending on your imagination to achieve a variety of functions

Pakcage included:

  • 4 x Geared motor
  • 4 x Tyre
  • 4 x Motor fixing
  • 2 x Acrylic glass plate(100 x 213 x 5mm)
  • 1 x L298N motor driver
  • 1 x UNO328 controller board
  • 1 x Sensor board V5
  • 1 x Holder kit
  • 1 x Steering gear
  • 1 x Ultrasonic module
  • 3 x Line inductive module
  • 1 x Infrared receiver module
  • 1 x MCU remote control
  • 1 x 18650 battery holder
  • 2 x 18650 battery
  • 1 x 18650 battery charger
  • 1 x Bluetooth adapter
  • 1 x USB cable(0.5m)
  • 30 x Dupont line
  • 15 x Pillars(6 x 35mm / 3 x 20mm / 6 x 6mm)
  • All necessary screw and nut

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