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HR0187	PCF8591 Module AD/DA Converter with 4pin F-F Cable

HR0187 PCF8591 Module AD/DA Converter with 4pin F-F Cable

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The PCF8591 is a monolithically integrated, individually powered, low power, 8-bit CMOS data acquisition device. The PCF8591 has four analog inputs, one analog output and one serial I2C bus interface.

The three address pins A0, A1 and A2 of the PCF8591 can be used for hardware address programming, allowing access to eight PCF8591 devices on the same I2C bus without the need for additional hardware.

The address, control and data signals of the input and output of the PCF8591 device are transmitted in a serial manner via a two line bidirectional I2C bus.



Using PCF8951 chip

The module supports external 4-way voltage input acquisition (voltage input range 0 ~ 5V)

Module integrated photoresistor, can be collected by AD accurate value of ambient light intensity

Module integrated thermistor, you can capture the precise temperature through the AD value

Module integrated 1 channel 0~5V voltage input acquisition (through the blue potentiometer to adjust the input voltage)

The module has a power indicator (the indicator lights when the module is powered)

Module has DA output indicator, when the module DA output interface voltage reaches a certain value, will light up the board DA output indicator, the greater of the voltage is, the the brighter of the indicator light is.

Module PCB size: 3.6cm * 2.3cm

Standard double-sided board, thickness 1.6mm, aperture: 3mm, easy to fix


Module short-circuit cap instructions:

The module has three short-circuit caps, respectively, as follows:

P4 connected to P4 short-circuit cap, select the thermistor access circuit

P5 connected to P5 short-circuit cap, select the photosensitive resistor access circuit

P6 connected to P6 short-circuit cap, select 0-5V adjustable voltage access circuit


Package included:

1 x Module

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