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HS1768 Dip Switch Assorted Kit

HS1768 Dip Switch Assorted Kit

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HS1768 Dip Switch Assorted Kit

This DIP switch is designed for printed circuit board and bread board, widely used in remote control ,data processing, communication etc.
Color: red
Material: red
Pitch: 2.54mm
Features: 1 2 3 4 6 8 10 12way
Non-Switching Rating: 100mA 24V DC
Switching Rating: 25mA 24V DC
Contact Resistance:50mΩ
Insulation Resistance:500MΩ/DC500V
Package Include:
5 x 1P Dip Switch
5 x 2P Dip Switch
5 x 3P Dip Switch
5 x 4P Dip Switch
5 x 5P Dip Switch
5 x 6P Dip Switch
5 x 7P Dip Switch
5 x 8P Dip Switch

5 x 9P Dip Switch
1pcs Storage Box


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