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HR0316 Arduino Mega Starter Learning Kit

HR0316 Arduino Mega Starter Learning Kit

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This is a terrific Arduino Mega2560 starter kit, includes many kind of items, this kit gives you a basic introduction to the Arduino world. You can enjoy lots of fun from it.

Content Listing

1 x Mega2560 development board

1 x USB cable

1 x Prototype extension board

1 x Mini breadboard

1 x 5V stepper motor

1 x 2003 stepper motor driver board

5 x Red LED

5 x Green LED

5 x Yellow LED

2 x Vibration Sensor

1 x Flame sensor

1 x LM35 temperature sensor

1 x Infrared receiver

3 x Photoresistor

4 x Key cap

4 x Key switch

1 x Adjustable potentiometer

1 x Passive buzzer

1 x Active buzzer

1 x Jumper cap

1 x Large breadboard

1 x Remote Control

1 x 1602 Screen

1 x 9G servos

1 x Component box

1 x 10P DuPont line

30 x Breadboard line (approximately)

1 x 220ohm resistance

1 x 8 * 8 dot matrix

1 x One digit eight segment tube

1 x Four digit eight segment tube

1 x IC 74HC595

1 x Battery Holder

1 x 2.54mm 40pin pin header


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