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HR0071 Nano V3.0 FT232 Chip with  Mini USB Cable

HR0071 Nano V3.0 FT232 Chip with Mini USB Cable

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Technical parameters of Nano Arduino:

Arduino Nano is a Simple ultra small i/o platform based and open source code, with the previous version of the USB Arduino Arduino Nano Diecimila, a great advantage in the volume, Arduino can be used to develop electronic products need to operate independently, and has an interactive effect; can also be used to develop a computer connected with with Flash, Processing, Max/Msp, PD, VVVV and other interactive works together to complete the software.

Technical parameters of Nano Arduino:

1.12 digital input / output port D2~D13,

2.8 analog input port A0~A7

3.1 on the TTL level of the serial port RX/TX

4.6 PWM ports, D3, D5, D6, D9, D10, D11,

5 using Atmega328P-AU Atmel single chip microcomputer

6 support USB download and power supply

7 support external 5V~12V DC power supply

8 support 9V battery power supply

9 support ISP Download

This product contains:

1 a piece of Nano Arduino

2 using FTDI232RL

3 chip physical map



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