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HS1069 Magnetizer Demagnetizer Tool

HS1069 Magnetizer Demagnetizer Tool

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HS1069 Magnetizer Demagnetizer Tool 


·       For screwdrivers, small tools, small and big screws, drills, drill bits, sockets, nuts, bolts, nails and construction tools.

·       Simply swipe the shaft of the screwdriver over the (+) to magnetize, and swipe over the (-) to demagnetize.

·       Easily magnetize or demagnetize tools and small parts instantly.

·       No batteries or electricity required. Minimize loss of screws.

·       Convert any screwdriver into a magnetic pick-up tool.



·       Dimension: 50mm*48mm*28mm

·       Weight: 70g

·       Color:as the picture show



·       While awkwardly making a pick up on the screws, just inser the screwdriver the " + " marked endto give a magnetized that the screws can be easily to pick up.

·       While repairin the electric appliances and electronic component & partssiply the screwdrive tip into the " - " marked end to give a demgnetized instantly


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