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HR0476 20w hot Glue Gun US plug

HR0476 20w hot Glue Gun US plug

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The strip is inserted from the glue gun tail, sent to the barrel, plug in the power 5-8 minutes after the warm-up, that is able to pull the trigger out of the sol, and can control the volume of the plastic.




-Hot melt glue gun.

-Aluminum high temperature tip, the glue evenly, drooling, inverted plastic case does not appear.

-Caulking switch thickened by force, not easily deformed, adhesive evenly.

-Suitable for packaging sealing glue job, sticky candy box, cake, sticky artificial flowers, wood, plastic, ceramic tile, cardboard, glass, textiles, and other various materials.

-It applies to a diameter of 6.8 to 7.5 of the strip.




Product name: Hot melt glue gun

Material: Plastic and Aluminum

Color: Blue

Size: Approx. 13x11cm/5.11"x4.33"

Power: 20W

Weight: 149g


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