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HS1158 SP108E Wifi led Controller

HS1158 SP108E Wifi led Controller

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HS1158 SP108E Wifi led Controller

1. Features:

1. Long distance APP remote control viva WIFI; 

2. Support routing mode(AP) and LAN connection mode(STA), suitable for a variety of occasions to meet the different needs; 

3. Support almost every kind of one-wire or two-wire LED driver IC ; 

4. Brightness adjustable, With 180 kinds of patterns and 8 kind of color adjustable patterns; 

5.Creatively usingfrom-image-to-effect method for user toDIYany effect; 

6. Support setting pixel number and segments number, able to control up to 2048pixels; 

5. DC5V~24V widerangeworking voltage, preventing reverse connection of power supply; 

6. User setting saving; 


2. App control:

 Both IOS version and Android OS version are available. (hardware should supportWIFI) 

•RequiresIOS version 10.0 or later; 

•Requires AndroidOSversion 4.4or later; 

•Search”LedShop”in App Store or Google pay or scan this QR code to download and install the App: 


3. Specifications:

Working temperature : -20℃~60℃; 

Working Voltage : DC5V~24V;

Working Current :20mA~130mA; 

Remote distance :30 Meters; 

Product size : 85mm*45mm*22mm; 

Product weight : 40g ; 

Certificates : CE, RoHS; 


4. Working Mode and Connecting:

•AP(Access Point) mode:Controller and Phone connect directly, controller works as an access point. When the device is not connected to any WIFI network, power on the controller and wait for 20s and the controller will switch intoAP mode,in the WIFI setting page,find and connect the controller(named likeSP108E_xxx, the default pin code is 12345678),open the LED Shop App ,then the controller will be showed on the device list; 

•STA(Station) mode:Controller and phone are in one same WIFI network, in this network, users can operate the controller smoothly.When the device is not connected to any WIFI network, make sure that your phone is connected to a WIFI network, power on the controller,controller will be remainWait-For-Connet mode for 20 seconds, pressing the Add Device button, input the WIFI pin code, then press theOKto confirm and wait for the configure processing finish. User can select the controller and remove it out of the network by pressing theRemove Device button,then the controller will switch into AP mode. 




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