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HS4011 9-60V 18W Human Body sensor

HS4011 9-60V 18W Human Body sensor

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HS4011 9-60V 18W Human Body sensor


The human body induction switch is an intelligent infrared detection sensor that uses infrared detection to control the load switch. The light is turned on and off by detecting the temperature of the human body. When someone approaches, the sensing device will be triggered to start working. After the person leaves the sensing area, the sensing device will automatically turn off after the set time. Ensure that the light is on when the person comes. The light is off when the person goes. Maximize the effect of power saving and energy saving. Users can install the human body sensor in an appropriate environment according to actual needs (such as ceiling lamps. Toilets. Kitchens. Balconies. Warehouses. Corridors. Stairs. Garages, etc. do not require long lighting Place)


Working temperature: -20-40°C

Input voltage: DC 9V-60V

Output voltage: DC 9V-60V

Sensing distance: 1-5 meters (depending on the ambient temperature)

Sensing angle: 120°

Delay time: about 20-25 seconds

Package Included:

1 * IR Human Body Detect Sensor Switch for LED Light

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