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HS4334 UV curing solder mask Ink

HS4334 UV curing solder mask Ink

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HS4334 UV curing solder mask Ink

Features: brand new and high quality
● As a protective layer, it can be used on printed circuit boards and substrates that do not need to be soldered, or used as a solder resist.
● Due to the particularity of the material, the solder mask oil will not dry naturally. UV curing is required.
● Material: Acrylic oligomer
●Different colors of oil, a liquid photoresist, is an acrylic oligomer.
●The purpose is to protect the circuit pattern formed for a long time.

Specification: Material: Acrylic oligomer
Color :Black/Blue /Green /Yellow/White /Red
Dielectric strength: >500v/mil
Solvent resistance: Trichloroethane will not fall off after boiling for 2 minutes
Welding resistance: 255-265 degrees 10sx3 times
Hardness: >5h
Curing conditions: UV light
Capacity: 10cc
Application: necessary materials for pwb board repair

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