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HS4339 Soldering Rosin Flux Pen KS-951

HS4339 Soldering Rosin Flux Pen KS-951

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HS4339 Soldering Rosin Flux Pen KS-951


- 100% brand new and high quality
- Made of high quality materials, durable
- This product is filled with environmentally friendly no-clean flux by default. Soldering pens are widely used in the soldering process of PCB/FPC boards. It is easy to operate and easy to carry. Soldering pens are single use. flux.
- Prevent flux volatilization and keep flux performance unchanged. For example, when adding alcohol, a flux pen can be used as a cleaning brush. The barrel is transparent and easy to understand with flux or cleaning agent.
-10ml pen applicator with specially designed felt tip
- For rework and patching of SMT, SMD and through-hole solder joints
- Suitable for cars, computers, telecommunications
- Low solids content with virtually no residue
- Compatible with lead and lead-free solder

Product parameters:

- Model: KS-951 (no cleaning type), KS-186 (rosin type) - optional
- Type: various electronic fluxes
- Scope of application: electronic component flux
- Material: plastic handle
- Product alias: no-clean flux, rosin flux
- Quantity: 1pcs
- Color as shown
- Length: 135mm
- Diameter: 15mm
- Melting point: 180℃-480℃

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