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HS4704 Piezo Vibration Sensor

HS4704 Piezo Vibration Sensor

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HS4704 Piezo Vibration Sensor



 1. Introduction to components

When voltage is applied to piezoelectric ceramics, mechanical deformation will occur with changes in voltage and frequency. On the other hand, when the piezoelectric ceramic is vibrated, an electric charge is generated. Using this principle, when given to a vibrator composed of two piezoelectric ceramics or a piezoelectric ceramic and a metal sheet.
2. Product introduction
Voltage: 5V
Output signal LED indication.
TTL level output.
TTL output effective signal is high level. The output control current can reach 1A, and it can be connected with high-power LED lights. To Analog signal output, according to the greater the vibration intensity, the higher the output voltage
Vibration amplitude sensitivity can be adjusted by potentiometer. (Left turn sensitivity is low, Right turn sensitivity is high)The sensitivity can be adjusted to respond with mouth blowing. . . The sensitivity is very high! ! ! ! It can also be adjusted to be tapped by hand for output.Size: 20.5X20.5 (in millimeters)Weight: 4.25 (in grams)


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