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HS4868 XGecu T48 (TL866-3G) Programmer + 12 Adapter

HS4868 XGecu T48 (TL866-3G) Programmer + 12 Adapter

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HS4868 XGecu T48 (TL866-3G) Programmer + 12 Adapter

100% Original!!!

T48 (TL866-3G) programmer manufacturer,
Haikou Xingong Electronics Co., Ltd.

T48 (TL866-3G) English manual download link: (similar as TL866II/T56)

Latest software download link (will be updated in the future):
(If you cannot download or downloading speed is very slow, please send message to us, we will send to your mail box)

T48 Support Device List:
(please note: before buying, make sure the models you want to program are in the support list!)
Please note: TSOP56/BGA64/DIP42 will be added future (June 17th, 2022). The new model has just been launched and the software is much to be improved, so please contact us to resolve at first if you have any questions and suggestions.


With 40-pin industrial high-quality ZIF Socket (Pluggable/replaceable), newest model T48 (TL866-3G) programmer is the improvement of TL866II Plus programmer. Based on 32-bit MCU with 120MHZ and 4-layer PCB design, this professional T48 programmer support high-capacity NAND EMMC up to256GBand programming speed is much higher. Suppport high-voltage chips, VPP Maximum up to25V, that is what TL866II cannot achieve. Production of high-density SMD technology, a unified user interface, easy to use, fully functional, reliable program running of application software, ultra-small (size is almost the same as TL866II), code-runs much faster, support multilanguage menu (English, Chinese, Russian, Polish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech, Italian), it can automatically identify the operating system to install and run under Windows XP,2003,2008,Vista  Win7 WIN8 WIN10 WIN11. Overall, T48 offers significantly improved performance and excellent value for money.

XGecu T48 (TL866-3G)  hardware Parameters:
* 32-bit MCU with 120MHZ, 4-layer PCB Design, USB2.0 HS 480MHZ
* Volume: 10X6.5X2.8 cm (almost the same as TL866II)
* 16 channel ISP
   Total 56-channel dedicated IO
   56-channel high-speed high-voltage isolation
* VCC voltage 1.8-6.5V 64 levels adjustable, VPP voltage 9V-25V 64 levels adjustable. 
* Power consumption: 5V <500MA. Static power consumption: 60mA. Without external power supply interface.
* Self-test function, self-test each pin of VPP/VCC/GND/IO
* Suitable for developers and maintenance personnel, can do small batch production for high capacity chips, support simultaneously working with 4 Programmers on each computer.
*Support operating Systems: Windows XP,2003,2008,Vista  Win7 WIN8 WIN10 WIN11

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