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HS5344 HX710A Module 24-bit ADC Module Dual line Communication Sampling Single Channel

HS5344 HX710A Module 24-bit ADC Module Dual line Communication Sampling Single Channel

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HS5344 HX710A Module 24-bit ADC Module Dual line Communication Sampling Single Channel 

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1. Product introduction:

The HK710 24-bit ADc module is based on the HK710 chip integrated peripheral filter circuit, resistor, capacitor and all the interface printed module, expand the double row of 2.54mag spacing gold row pinholes and stamp holes, easy to solder and expand, also can be directly affixed to the user's products, the module adopts dual-line communication, support wide operating voltage. Use braided packing.


2. Main parameter:

Operating voltage :2.6~5.5v
On - chip low noise amplifier with gain of 128
The on-chip clock oscillator requires no external devices
Power on the automatic reset circuit
Simple digital control and serial communication
Choose output data rates of 10Hz and 40Hz
Typical working current :1.2mA, power off current :<1uA
Note: in-film direct temperature measurement and digital output "HXT10A", "DVDD-AVDD" voltage difference (H87T10B)


3. Foot position description:

DVDD: Power input (2.6V~5.5V)
DGND: power ground
SCL: communication clock
DOUT: communication data
AIN+ : positive terminal of the ADC sampling channel
AIN- : negative terminal of the ADC sampling channel
AGND: analog ground
AVDD: analog power output

4. Application field:

Portable instrument
Battery voltage and current monitoring
Temperature measurement system
Consumer electronics
Factory automation and process control 

5. Function introduction:

This module is through the two-wire interface for data communication, communication line is composed of SCK and DOUT, used to read the data, select the output data rate and input signal. If the data output pin is noT high level, it indicates that the A/D converter is not ready to output data. In this case, the input signal SCK of the serial clock should be low level. After DOUT changes from high level to low level, sCK should input 25 to 27 different clock pulses. The rise edge of the first clock pulse will read the highest bit (KSB) of the 4-bit data until the 24th clock pulse is completed, and the 24-bit output data is completed from the highest bit to the lowest bit. The 25th to 27th clock pulses are used to select the output data rate and input signal for the next A/D conversion.

The HX710 is a 24-bit &/D converter chip designed for high precision electronic scales. Compared with other chips of the same type, the chip has the advantages of high integration, fast response and strong anti-interference. The cost of the whole machine is reduced, and the performance and reliability of the whole machine are improved. The gain of the input low noise amplifier is 128. When the reference voltage VFEF is 5, the amplitude of the corresponding full differential input signal is ±2OmV. The on-chip clock oscillator does not require any external devices. The digital temperature sensor in the HX710A chip can directly read the temperature in the chip, that is, in the system. HX710B can be used to detect the battery voltage by detecting the voltage difference < DVDd-AVDD).

All control signals are driven by pins and there is no need to program registers inside the chip. MCU only needs 2 I/o ports to realize all control of ADC, including power off control. The automatic reset function simplifies the startup initialization process.


Reference driver (C)

sbit DOUT = P1^o; sbit SCK - P1^1;

unsigned long ReadCount(void){

unsigned long Count;

unsigned char i;

DOUT =1; // Non-51 Mcu, omit sCK-0;

count=O; while(DOUT ); for (i=O; i<24; i+t)




if(ADDO) Counti+;


Count=Count-Ox800000; // Data XOR processing SCK =0;


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